Community Activity/Event Sponsorship Policy

We have received your “Community Event and Activity Support Request” for an upcoming event. Thank you for reaching out to the Coalition of Black Men (COBM).

We request that all who request funding from us fill out and return a Form W-9 for information reporting purposes, as we are required by the IRS to obtain this information from all clients seeking funding.

Please submit your request for sponsorship funding on your organization’s letterhead at least 45 to 60 days in advance of the event. The following information must be included for your request to be considered:

  • Organization name, website link if available and short description of its mission/purpose;
  • Brief description of how the project or event for which you seek funding aligns with COBM’s community activities;
  • The area served by your organization, the number of people served annually, and the PDX target populations (demographics) served;
  • History of partnering with COBM – the year and amount of grants, sponsorships, and donations, (if applicable);
  • Short description of your event with date, time, and location;
  • Proposed sponsorship level (if applicable), and how the requested funding will be used; and
  • Contact name and title, phone number and email address.

If available, please include an electronic copy of:

1)  Request letter, including all the information above.

2)  Event announcement (if any).

3)  Sponsorship levels with associated benefits.

4)  Your organization’s IRS tax status determination letter.

5)  List of Board of Directors with affiliations (if applicable).

6)  Organization’s nondiscrimination policy on your letterhead.

Please submit these documents as email attachments and send the email to: Include the phrase “Community Event and Activity Support Request” in the subject line of the email, along with the name of your organization (e.g., Community Event and Activity Support Request – ABC Community Group”). Questions about the process can also be sent to this

COBM’s Executive Board will review all submissions and retains the right to decline funding. Your organization will receive a decision within three weeks of receipt of application.

Submitted requests that are missing any of the required documentation noted above will not be considered for support.